Cheat pen "Rotato"

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A revolutionary rotating cheating pen with zero possibility of detection - it contains a smartly designed rotating cover that ensures complete inconspicuousness and invisibility.

The pen can be used repeatedly each time with a different cheat sheet.

CHEAT PEN "Rotato" is a regular looking, smart pen designed for every kind of in-class tests, exams and essays. 

It features a smartly designed central plastic sleeve, where you can hide a paper sheet full of notes. 

It is very easy to use, simply stick your paper sheet sized 6 cm x 3 cm (2.35 x 1.2 inch) and text font 4 or less with sellotape in the central part of the pen.

The plastic sleeve through which you can see the note is rotatable in two directions. 

You can fill the note with up to half of A4 page text.

When finished with exam, just peel off the text and stick the new one on.

CHEAT PEN is reusable. You will enjoy the CHEAT PEN's smart, undetectable design and ease of use.

CHEAT PEN comes in 5 color with blue ink.


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