Roll Out Cheat Pen "Roller"

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A revolutionary cheatig pen with roller - it contains a cleverly designed rollerball that will ensure you complete inconspicuousness and invisibility.

The pen can be used repeatedly each time with a different cheating sheet.

You can put your worries about a bad grade behind you with this pen.

ROLL OUT CHEAT PEN is a regular looking, smart pen designed for every kind of in-class tests, exams and essays. 

It features a secret roll of paper embedded inside the pen, allowing you to undetectably hide your notes. Roll of paper is made of very lightweight and foldable plastic, size 17cm x 7 cm (6.7 x 2.7 inch), so you can fill up to a4 page text. 

There are multiple ways to store notes in the ROLL OUT CHEAT PEN. 

You can write directly on the roll of paper with a pencil so you can erase it later.

 You can also use a pen and clean the ink off the paper with a quick scrub of acetone. 

The third way to store the notes is to tape a piece of paper to the roll of paper. However, the most common way people use the pen is to just replace the roll of paper inside the pen with a blank new one. 

You will enjoy the ROLL OUT CHEAT PEN's smart, undetectable design and ease of use. With a flick of your finger, you can pull out your notes and save your grades.

ROLL OUT CHEAT PEN comes with one roll of paper. Additional rolls are sold separately. Pen comes in silver-black color with blue ink. 


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